A special report aired on VTV1 National News on  27 December 2023:

English language transcript:

MALE ANNOUCER:  Ladies and gentlemen, there are people in their 30s, 40s—even people whose hair has turned gray—who have to learn simple things from the beginning such as standing, walking, grabbing, holding.  They are patients that are being treated at the rehab unit of the Traditional Medicine Hospital of Da Nang.

FEMALE ANNOUCER:  These rehabilitation specialists do not brag but they work steadily in those therapy rooms all day long, helping their patients to recover.  That is our story today:


PATIENT ON BICYCLE:  At the beginning, when I first came here, I had to be pushed in a wheelchair. 

FEMALE PATIENT:  I had a stroke and I couldn’t stand and walk. 

MALE PATIENT:   I was admitted to the hospital with half of my body paralyzed. 

FEMALE PATIENT:  I was so upset.  I thought I would never stand and walk again.

PATIENT ON BICYCLE:  I came here, and then the staff encouraged me and advised me to cheer up and do therapy. 

FEMALE PATIENT:  My therapist helped me make every single step at first and guided my arms.

MALE PATIENT:   They gave me hope.

THERPAIST THUY:  Patients have to make their best effort to recover.  They have to do therapy so that later they will be able to integrate back into society well.  In the gym we have lots of mirrors.  Mirrors help the patients see themselves so that they can do their exercises more easily and more effectively.

FEMALE PATIENT:  I come here to do my therapy every day.  It has been almost 10 months since I first came here.

MALE PATIENT:  I have made lots of progress already.

FEMALE PATIENT:  I have recovered and I feel healthy now.

MALE PATIENT:  I’m so very happy!

FEMALE PATIENT:  I feel as if I have been reborn.

PATIENT ON BICYCLE:  I work hard at my therapy so that I will be strong enough to go home to my children.

VIRGINIA LOCKETT, PT:  My biggest wish for the patients and for their families is for them to be as comfortable and as functional as possible and to have meaningful lives.